Cat peeing on shoes

Cat peeing on shoes

Cat peeing on shoes | Dog urine stains on shoes

I just bought a pair of brown boots and they are super cute, except they are soaked in dog pee and it’s making my feet stink. What should I do? I want to get rid of it but I can’t throw them out because I like them too much.

When I first moved in with my husband, we didn’t really have a dog. I had a lot of cats though, but we had no intention of adopting one and I really didn’t think I’d have a dog at all, because I’d always heard that you need to live with a dog for a year to be a real dog person.

We had a couple dogs as kids though, so I’d always been around dogs. I’m really not a fan of dogs though. I’m afraid of them, I’m allergic to them and I just find them a bit weird, but I would love a dog if I were to have one. So, about a year after I moved in with my husband, I found myself looking in the fridge at 2 a.m. because I had a cat who was meowing to get in, and when I looked in the fridge I saw something I had never seen before.

It was a dog’s paw print, and I’d have to say the dog that made it was a Dachshund. I didn’t know it was a Dachshund until I saw it, but it was very clear that it was. I was wondering what the cat was doing in the fridge at 2 a.m. My husband thought it might have belonged to our neighbor, so we took it out, put it on a leash and took it to their house. The neighbor said her dog had just eaten a big bag of cookies that her friend had left out for her, so when she came home her dog had already been in there. She said she was very apologetic about it, and that she had never meant to put it out there. She had a lot of kids, and there are a lot of dogs on the block. They all had to be walked, and I suppose the dog could have gotten out of the yard or gotten in from another part of the block. It was just so random.

When we got the dog home, we took it to the vet, because we wanted to make sure it was okay, but the vet said that it was just some dog food that she’d found and put out for the dog. I didn’t feel bad for the cat, because cats can eat anything. They’re not selective. So, we gave the dog some food, and put him in a kennel and then put him in a room to sleep it off. He woke up, and I just felt bad, so I gave him water and let him sleep for a couple more hours. The next day, my husband and I took him to the vet again. The vet looked at him, and he seemed okay. It wasn’t a huge amount of urine, but it was a lot. So, we decided to put him on a diet, and give him a month or two to get used to eating. I really wanted a dog. I’m sure some people can do it, but I’m just not that way.

The first time he ate a big bowl of food, he did poop. I didn’t know what to think. I’d never had that problem with a dog. I’d had some cats that needed to be fed a diet to help them with their stooling, but I don’t think they had to go out and poop. I guess it was just a new experience for me. I tried to give him some water to wash it out, but he just seemed to get really upset about it.

My husband and I took him to the vet, and the vet told us that if he ate too much that he’d have to keep going in every week, because it would take a few days to get it all out. So, we just went back home and tried to work on getting it under control. We figured we’d get a dog. We’d been wanting a dog for a couple of years, so it seemed like a good opportunity, even though I still didn’t really know a lot about dogs. But I was pretty sure I knew enough to know I didn’t want to get a purebred.

So, after that first week, we still had dog poop every week. We got him on a diet, and it seemed to work, but I could tell that it was still not something he was very comfortable with, and that was part of the reason that we took him to the vet every week. He was just a little bit nervous about having to do that. It would just take some time, but I knew that eventually he would learn to like it.

About six months later, I was at work, and when I came home, there was a delivery man, and he said, “There’s your new dog.” I guess he had been in the house and my husband hadn’t told me, because I didn’t even realize that the dog had arrived. It was a Lab, and he seemed happy. He had a pretty sweet face. It was nice to see him looking so happy and excited. I had no idea what to expect, so I just went to my room and waited for the door to open. When I went to get him, he didn’t want to leave his crate. So, I took him around the house, and then I went back to get him. I was still a little bit worried, but we brought him back to the house.

I was pretty amazed at how well behaved he was. He was so happy to be home. He didn’t even know what was happening, because he was too busy greeting all of us. It was pretty cool. So, I took him

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