Heart to heart small dog rescue

Heart to heart small dog rescue

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Heart to heart small dog rescue and sanctuary for Pit bulls and Pit mixes in a busy commercial area on the edge of South Shore, in the Boston area.


Heart to Heart small dog rescue and sanctuary for Pit bulls and Pit mixes in a busy commercial area on the edge of South Shore, in the Boston area.

Saturday, October 12, 2012

Pitbull, and some of his new friends

Pitbull, a pit bull mix, and a beagle named Beasley, get into a bit of a brawl in their new home together. Pitbull is a handsome, gentle boy and Beasley is also a sweet, friendly, well mannered dog. Pitbull needs an adjustment period to getting used to other dogs, he is a city boy. On Saturday, the three dogs did okay together, but Pitbull had some problems getting used to Beasley and would snap and bite when provoked. He was not used to being around other dogs and was intimidated, but he quickly became a new member of the pack at Heart to Heart.

We are in the process of finding a new permanent home for Pitbull at Heart to Heart and he is adjusting well. He is getting lots of attention and affection and is looking very smart, clean, and handsome.

If you would like to help with his care, please call us at 508-982-5333 or leave a message here:

"If you have had a bad experience with a dog, you will understand why I have a no

dogs policy. I do not want to risk my job, or mine, or yours, or

anyone's well being and safety for that matter. I am not a heartless man,

but like any job, if there is a problem, no matter how small, a person

has to have some personal responsibility.

A dog's life is so short, and that is my mn concern. I am in the

business of giving people a good life, a home and a friend, as good as

anyone can have. My dogs are a big part of that. They don't want to

eat, they are too busy making a big deal out of something that in all

probability they will die of. I cannot have a situation where I need to

suffer for the sake of the owner's dog. My wife and I are responsible

and loving. We never abuse the animals. My wife and I work hard every

day, but I am there for my dogs, it is what I am dedicated to. The

mntenance of a dog is just the cost of owning one.

I live with dogs, and work with them. I have had them from 2 weeks old

to 20 years old, and all of them are mine. I try my best to spend as

much time with them as possible, and am there when I am needed.

Our puppies will be trned, socialized and will live in our house as

long as we have them, and if not, it will not be for any reason of

their own, but because I do not have the time.

We live near the ocean and have many, many places to go. I am an avid

hiker and will always take our dogs hiking, so there will be no excuse

for owners to not be there for them. Many owners will make their dog

their "one and only". You can't say this is what a dog is for, he is

intended to be for a lot more.

I make a decent salary, it is not a lot, but it is enough. It is the

best money I could ever make. I am sure my dogs would not want to work

for anyone else. That is why I trn my dogs and why I will work to

make them as great as they can be. I do this for love, because I am

there for them and always have been. I will love them unconditionally

and they will love me unconditionally.

I have always wanted a large house, but we live on a very large lot

and have the opportunity to get the biggest house ever for the size of

our lot. We will have land to walk. I would be open to buying more land

as time passes, but we will not go after anything. Our goals are to

have a comfortable, stable, healthy home for as long as possible. I

believe in good nutrition and exercise. I will make sure that my dogs

get a healthy, balanced diet.

I want my dogs to be with us, for as long as we have them. I will do

everything I can to provide for them the care and love that they will

deserve, and it would be my greatest regret if any of my dogs did not

have a comfortable, happy and healthy life with me. That is why I

trn them and that is why I will continue to trn them. I am confident

that my dogs will be as great as they can be and I will make sure

that they always have a place where they can relax.

If I could only wish for one thing, it would be for my dogs to have a

loving home for as long as they live. They deserve the best life


"You love your

dog like no other,

it shows. You

bond to your dog

like nothing else.

You give to them

like no one else.

That is why

people will pay

you well for

trning and

care for dogs.

They know that

they are a part

of your life,

that they are

a great part

of your


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