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Pet care

Tip on How to Give Your New Kitten Comfort

Here is a tip from one of our users: This may not be a new tip but I have successfully used it whenever I got a new pet, be it canine or feline. I have an old water bottle that I keep just for specific times like this and a piece of sheepskin, which I fashioned into a cover with a pocket in it like a Kangaroo, has.
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Just for fun

Your Grr-eat Horoscope… for June

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GEMINI! You're fast, alert and oh so vocal. Like an athletic dog breed (or two) you're a Go Dog, getting into fun whatever you do. What makes you a good dog: You're a driven and competitive doggie. Barking or voicing your needs is a typical Gemini canine trait. Hey, you're a heady sun sign and you've got a lot on your mind, oh highly intelligent one.
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Do cats get hiccups

There is no evidence to support this. Cats do have an instinct to vomit, and when you’re very sick, you can get a strong desire to vomit.
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